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Mammals Along the Cold River Watershed

Compiled by New Hampshire Fish and Game - Nongame and Endangered Wildlife Program in their report: Species in New Hampshire (Residents and Visitors). Although the presence of all these species has not been verified, most likely use the Cold River watershed at some point due to the size of the area and the diversity of habitat types found in the watershed.

Bat, Big Brown
Bat, Hoary
Bat, Silver-haired
Bat, Big Brown
Bat, Little Brown
Bat, Eastern Pipistrelle
Bear, Black
Chipmunk, Eastern
Cottontail, Eastern
Mole, Star-nosed
Mouse White-footed
Mouse, Deer
Mouse, House
Mouse, Meadow Jumping

Mouse, Woodland Jumping
Opossum, Virginia
Otter, River
Rat, Norway
Shrew, Long-tailed
Shrew, Masked
Shrew, Pygmy
Shrew, Short-tailed

Shrew, Smoky
Shrew, Water
Skunk, Striped
Squirrel, Gray
Squirrel, Northern Flying
Squirrel, Red
Squirrel, Southern Flying
Vole, Meadow
Vole, Southern Red-backed
Vole, Woodland
Weasel, Long-tailed
Weasel, Short-tailed