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Drinking Water Protection Plan for the Cold River Watershed

In December 2005, a report was completed that details six public water supplies, potential contaminates to the water supplies, and proposed improvements.  This report also investigates and documents potential sources of contaminates for the Cold River watershed.

Drinking Water Protection Plan Presentation (683KB in pdf format) is a synopsis of the report.  The full report is also available for review under the  Drinking Water Protection Plan for the Cold River Watershed (8.07MB).

The principal issues revealed by this study concern well head protection areas, which can be quite extensive, and the land uses within these areas.

While complete control of the well head protection areas is not always feasible or legally necessary, it is essential that any future development within these areas be consistent with the protection of the water supplies.

The dissolved radon in the water is a contentious issue, with no clear cut standards in place; New Hampshire has no current standard, and some state standards allow over 10,000 pCi/L. By contrast, the EPA is considering a proposed standard of 300 pCi/L.  The shifting sands of this situation need to be closely followed. In the interim, continued monitoring of the waterborne radon and emanating airborne radon in any large use water areas (such as shower rooms) should be instituted.