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Final Phase of the Warren Brook Restoration Post 2005 Alstead Flood
The Cold River Local Advisory Committee announces that on November 2, at 10 am, over one hundred 6th, 7th and 8th grade science students and their teachers from Acworth, Alstead, Charlestown, Langdon, Lempster and Walpole will gather in Alstead to plant approximately 1000 live stake shrubs and trees on the flood plains of Warren Brook. This will complete a 900 foot restoration project on Warren Brook, the major tributary to the Cold River.
The original restoration, after a devastating flood in 2005, essentially stabilized the brook. This new work has restored the winding nature of the brook. It has also lowered the flood plain around the brook so that it can once again absorb high flows of water in the spring and during major rain events. These two alterations will help slow the brook down at high flows and make it safer. It will also make possible the restoration of fish and other aquatic wildlife that cannot withstand the current high, unrestrained water flows.
This project was organized by the Cold River Local Advisory Committee. The site work was done by Headwaters Hydrology and Bazin Brothers, and supported with grants or donations from Alstead Conservation Commission, NHDES Watershed Restoration Grant, NH Fish and Game Grant, NH Conservation “Moose Plate” Grant, NH Corporate Wetlands Partnership, NH Charitable Foundation, Cold River Materials, and the Cold River Local Advisory Committee.
Anyone who would like to volunteer to help plant on November 2nd is welcome to join in any time from 9:30 A.M.-2:30 P.M. The site is at the Warren Brook on RT 123 in Alstead, just past the Kmiec Garage.