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Welcome to the Cold River LAC website!

The Cold River Local Advisory Committee (CRLAC) consists of citizen representatives appointed by select boards from Acworth, Alstead, Langdon, Lempster and Walpole and is governed by a set of 
bylaws.  The CRLAC supports municipal boards and is developing a watershed management plan that will assist towns in managing water resources. In addition, the CRLAC also promotes educational workshops and events for the public.  A  history of the founding of the group, the activities it has accomplished and the annual reports over the past few years details some of this work.

The CRLAC is dedicated to protecting and conserving the natural, agricultural, recreational, cultural and historic values of the Cold River and its watershed through community education and outreach, recommendations for sound watershed management and land use, and increasing overall river stewardship.

In an on-going project, the CRLAC actively monitors water quality and quantity for the Cold River and it's tributaries.
For more information, or to get involved with our activities, please email:

New!  We have just updated our web site to include the Drinking Water Protection Plan and Presentation, and the
Cold River Atlas (page 1)   (2.4MB) and the  Cold River Atlas (page 2) (1.15MB).